How to Stop Comment Spam in WordPress

Comment Spam is an annoying part of blogging that forces some bloggers to either turn of comments or quit blogging altogether.

I cannot agree with this because blogging is a necessary content marketing strategy to attract leads and build an online platform.

I hate comment spam just as much as anyone so I’m going to show you how to stop it.

Download These 2 WordPress Plugins

The two plugins are Anti-Spam and Sucuri. I don’t get any more comment spam after installing these 2 plugins.

Anti-Spam only allows people to enter comments by accessing their browser. If the comments don’t come from a browser, then Anti-Spam blocks the comments. They install a javascript file to verify the user.

Sucuri adds additional security to your WordPress site by closing certain leaks in your database with hardening. I use both these plugins on every WordPress install.

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