How to Get Dofollow PR7 Backlinks from Quora

Quora is my favorite website for getting backlinks lately. If you sign up for an account and answer questions, you get dofollow backlinks when you publish a good answer.

Note: Do not spam Quora. Please leave relevant answers for this to work in the long run.

I always share a warning in these posts because some of you may think about posting junk on Quora just to get backlinks. Respect the Quora community and they will give you dofollow links in return. Let’s not ruin this for everyone!

Step 1 – Create an Account

Go to and sign up for an account


Step 2 – Search for your niche topic

Enter your keywords in the search bar.


Step 3 – Write your answer

Write a thoughful answer to the question. If you don’t know anything about the topic, simply copy and paste some content from another website in this format:

I found this article over at and thought it could help you


Hope this helps.

Don’t post irrelevant information on a question just to get backlinks. Your post will be flagged and your account may be suspended. Read the Quora Terms of Service for more information.


Step 4 – Post Your Link

Paste the entire link URL where you want the link to appear. Quora automatically turns your URL into a hyperlink.


That’s it! Hope this helps you build some backlinks!


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