Best SEO Resources

SEO resources are important for ranking your websites and Youtube videos at the top of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Here’s a complete list of SEO tools, articles, tips, and tricks that I have used myself and 100% recommend.

SEO for Beginners

Quick Sprout’s Guide to SEO – A 9 chapter, infographic-style guide to SEO. A good resource if you don’t want to read a book but want something more thorough than a simple explanation.

Moz’s Guide to SEO – Don’t want to learn about SEO through long infographics? Then check out this 10 chapter guide written by the folks over at Moz.

SEO Starter Guide – Written by Google – A 32 page document which explains how to run SEO. This document was written by Google in 2010.

8 First Step SEO Tips for Bloggers – Are you a blogger who wants to increase traffic to your website? Try reading this article first to get a good start on your SEO knowledge.

Pagerank – An explanation of a common term used by SEO’s known as Pagerank. Pagerank is Google’s primary indicator of website authority and trust.

On Page SEO Guide – Here’s a simple checklist that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish

Internal Linking Guide – Step by step guide on how to build internal links within your website to boost SEO.

SEO Website Template – shows you how to silo your website for high Google rankings

Link Building Guide – provides 27 useful ways to acquire backlinks

SEO Tools

SerpBook – Allows you to track your SERP rankings for many keywords and see where your website ranks in Google, Yahoo! and Bing

MajesticSEO – Lets you research domain trust flow and citation flow and investigate backlinks

AHrefs – Another backlink tool that I use mainly for checking new and lost links

Opensiteexplorer – Free tool to check backlinks and domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) based on Moz metrics

PageRank Checker – easily check whether a domain’s pagerank is real or fake

What Page of Search Am I On? – quickly check where your website and desired keyword ranks on Google. Always aim for page 1 rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools – Google’s free tool to help you track your perfomance in Google search.

Google Trends – Shows keyword trends over time. Great for discovering popular topics and improving website traffic.

Google Analytics – Most popular website analytics solution online. Lets you track which keywords visitors are using to find your website.

UberSuggest – Easily organize Google suggest results with this handy tool. Great for improving Google SEO.

SEO Blogs

Source Wave – Becker is an SEO genius and offers awesome video content on a regular basis

Quick Sprout – Neil Patel does SEO for many large fortune 500 clients and is a great read

Search Engine Journal – Daily SEO industry news & advice.

Search Engine Roundtable – Daily SEO news, advice and industry updates.

Moz Blog – SEO tips and tricks from MOz.

Google Webmaster Central Blog – The official blog from Google Webmaster team.

Matt Cutts – The official blog of Google Webspam team leader, Matt Cutts.

Aaron Wall – SEOBook’s founder Aaron wall official blog.

Backlinko – SEO & linkbuilding blog hosted by Brian Dean. Provides unique tips & tricks to build more links and improve SEO results.

Kickstart Commerce – SEO blog with tips on driving more traffic and getting more customers

SEO Forums

Digital Point – older forum with lots of members that discuss SEO & internet marketing topics

Warrior Forum – internet’s oldest internet marketing forum that’s perfect for complete beginners

Page Speed for SEO

Pingdom – Quickly test your website speed across 3 servers locations (Dallas Tx, New York and Amsterdam). Helps you find bottlenecks in your site speed and make it 10x faster.

Google Page Speed Test – Page speed effects rankings so keep your site fast and healthy. Use Google’s official page speed checker to improve the loading time of your website.

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