Where to buy drugs to increase desire in women

Group of American and British scientists managed to find out where to buy drugs and what the level of sexual desire in women depends on. Biorxiv notes, as a result of research, experts from healthcare services have found that there are some sex hormones that cause attraction to permanent partners, but do not contribute to random relationships.

The sexual desire of young women depends on their menstrual cycle. At the same time, scientists from canadian internet shop are still studying how it is affected by hormonal status. It is known that the hormone estradiol affects the function of the genitals, progesterone – on the cycle of periods and pregnancy, in turn, testosterone leads to the acquisition of male sexual characteristics. More than 300 women were involved in the study.

Each stage lasted about five weeks and included several sessions. Women described to the experts the details of their generic products usage, as well as assessed the level of sexual desire. At the same time, scientists took saliva samples from volunteers to assess hormone levels. As a result, scientists define that progesterone negatively affects the attraction of women to a partner. In turn, estradiol contributed to the growth of sexual desire regardless of their romantic status. But testosterone had no effect.

At the same time, the study did not help scientists to find any evidence of the effect of hormones on the propensity for casual relationships, and this refutes the assumption that women often enter into random relationships during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.