GetResponse DDoS Attack: How Safe Is Your Email List?

If you’re a Getresponse customer, then you are probably frustrated with the multiple DDoS attacks on the Getresponse network.

To help you understand what’s going on and how to prevent this, let’s quickly go over what happened to Get Response.

GetResponse DDoS Attack

On April 29th, Getresponse CEO Simon Grabowski posted a lengthy article explaining exactly how a hacker caused a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on an unprecedented scale, which has flooded our network and our data center (Windstream) with malicious traffic.

DDOS attacks are pretty common and it’s something you cannot do anything about because Getresponse handles all of your autoresponder duties. Luckily, Getresponse spent over $500,000 to make upgrades and prevent this problem from happening in the future.

I’ve heard great things about Getresponse but this is the 3rd DDoS attack on GetResponse in the last 6 months. This is horribly unprofessional and will cost you lots of money, leads and sales.

So how to overcome this problem? Well, here’s a few ways to avoid this nasty mess and fix your autoresponder email problems.

Backup Your Email List

Having lost an email list of over 30k subscribers, I cannot repeat how important it is to backup your email list on a weekly basis. Simply export all your subscribers and keep a copy on your desktop and Dropbox. This will allow you to quickly change your email list provider if need be. Plus, you never know when another problem happens and you need to switch autoresponders.

Switch to Aweber

If you’re looking to switch from GetResponse, then my recommendation is Aweber. Aweber provides an easy to use message creation template, automates your emails, and saves you a lot of time by quickly creating email sign up forms. Aweber is cheaper than GetResponse and comes with a $1 monthly trial for new accounts.

Self Hosted Autoresponder: An Alternative to GetResponse & Aweber

If you’re a bit on the technical side, then you can choose a self hosted autoresponder that’s managed on your web hosting. I recommend GWA Autoresponder for wordpress users or PHPList Autoresponder Plugin for normal Cpanel users.┬áBy setting up email lists on your own servers and managing your lists, you save thousands of dollars each year in monthly subscription fees. Both are free email autoresponders and get the job done.

Need Help Switching Autoresponder Services or setting up your own self hosted solution?

Send me a message and I will help you switch autoresponders or setup your own self hosted autoresponders for a fee. I’m looking forward to working with you!


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