How Big Data can drive Mobile App Sales

Over time Big data has impacted how enterprises function properly on a positive scale. The enterprises can now access vital information which is beneficial to upgrading and augmenting their businesses further.

For a considerable amount of time, enterprises are systematically and strategically enchanting target users to generate user bases. Also, research, comprehension and manipulation of information originating from several sources assist the enterprises to manipulate the targeted audience and benefit as a result.

At present with the dominating presence of mobile apps as a vital component of any business as they intensify the communication, rapport and link which people have with the brands. This aspect is further augmented by the implementation of big data where revenue and sales are increased tenfold through the mobile apps.

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Availing the services of marketers, consultants and branders so as to analyze which category to focus on and generate a positive response from them, big data plays a major role in helping enterprises to find out and evaluate the schemes related to augmenting sales with the help of a mobile app as aforementioned.

Big data helps enterprises to analyze and understand the current vogues, trends, and other aspects related to the market world along with demographics so that it assists the enterprises to make proper measures and innovative guidelines to boost revenue in several methods.

Further detailed are the best impact makers

#1 International Boundaries

In the event, a mobile app is developed particularly focused on global audience, the association of the users from all around the world with a mobile solution has to be comprehended. A deep analysis of usability matrix and the prevailing user vogues has to be done.  The plans and methodologies related to designing mobile app for people from various regions are done with the help of the native data accumulated from different locations.Thus well-suited interface, operations and functionality are achieved with respect to the mobile app.

#2 Researching the views of the consumers

Market and user preferences are unstable and keep varying. This is noted in everything including gadgets, clothes and automobiles where the traits and characteristics are dynamically varying as per the needs of the users. In such a fastly progressing and advancing technological world, it is the apt time for brands to make use of the vogues and target the consumer’s needs and preferences. By researching the data related to customer reviews. involvement scale, usage and suggestions a clear comprehension regarding the products is obtained and the services are augmented and modified to ensure and promote more conversion rates for such apps.

#3 In-App Purchasing Options

It is featured as one of the excellent options to augment the revenue-generation aspect of the enterprise’s app and promote excellent sales for it. For this, a deep analysis and research regarding the references have to be carried out. So as to carry that venture out and avail the perfect in-app purchase options, data regarding the best purchase format which is related to the app proposal has to be accumulated. Support can be promoted by retrieving data from other similarly functioning apps which perform and execute based on the same logic. Further, in app purchases can be promoted so as to augment the sales. Focus and dedication should be given to the security and user experience domain which contributes a lot to how the enterprise deals with the aspect of sales.

#4 Determine Market Crowding

In order to ascertain the fact that the enterprise’s mobile app stands apart from its competitors and is very much easily embraced pertaining to the market being focused on, the market crowding research has to be done on similar apps. This provides the enterprises with all information relating to systematically plan, scheme and design such a great app with the knowledge regarding similar apps, their features, how they are augmenting sales and the such. As aforementioned these data are sure to help the brands develop a mobile app which will stand out of the crowd and is very much unique and fashionable. This drives great sales and revenue for the app.

#5 Local Target Marketing

Provided that a mobile app has to be consistently in touch base with many users in a particular region, then it is suggested to make use of the local databases to facilitate target area marketing. The SEO prospects for the enterprise are boosted and it will promote local sales where the customers are made aware of the various deals and updates. The enterprise can keep the user base engrossed by generating weekly promotions and flash deals as well. This enhances the properly focused aspect related to local user’s data and promote sales in the particular region where the user-base is residing

#6 Comprehending Mobile Gaming Habits

When venturing into the world of gaming apps, the enterprise has to comprehend the emotions and traits of the users who are playing the games. irrespective of the features and specialities offered in the game, provided the enterprise cannot gauge what is in the minds of the users, then its prospects to succeed become limited considerably. Hence to satiate them related to the current vogues and trends related to mobile gaming, excessive details have to be collected from apps and the gaming idea must be incorporated with data related to research on engagement traits and user inclinations.

#7 Improved Brand Accessibility

At present, a majority of the users avail mobile apps to retrieve data and make purchases. They are evolving rapidly into the primary mode of communication between the brands and the user -base. When the undertakings are done with more preciseness and focus, the prospects for the enterprise to gain more momentum, sales and name is boosted further. To achieve this, data from different brands should be collected relating to their standings and presence based on recall value, user reviews, enlarged presence across various channels and the such. This facilitates the progress of the app in the correct route and enables the brand to increase its prospects related to standards and numbers as well.

The aforementioned trends signify how big data contributes to promote and augment mobile app sales. Once this aspect is availed and incorporated, this can result in great prosperous outcomes and results. Hence the next time when the aspect of mobile app scheming or upgrading it strikes the mind, it is well recommended to go with Big data.

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How to Bulk Delete Pending Comments in WordPress

You can easily bulk delete pending comments in WordPress by installing a useful plugin called WP Sweep.

WP Sweep allows you to clean up your comments with just 1 simple click. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Install WP Sweep by going to Plugins -> Add New -> Search for “WP Sweep”.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Tools -> Sweep in your WP dashboard.
  4. Scroll down to Comment Sweep -> Pending Comments and Hit “Sweep”

That’s it. You can also bulk moderate unapproved and spam comments as well. This is one of my favorite WordPress plugins and it will save you a lot of time and frustration!


How to Get DA92 Dofollow Backlinks from Buzzfeed

Who else wants a dofollow backlink from a DA92 massive site like Buzzfeed?

Over 230 million people visit monthly (Source: Similarweb) so not only will you receive an SEO boost, but you can drive targeted traffic as well.

It’s free to set this up and anyone can do it or you can outsource it to someone like men.

Step 1 -Create a free Buzzfeed Account

You need to create a free account by logging in with your Facebook or Google account. Also, you can sign up the normal way using your email and creating a password.

Step 2 – Fill out your profile

Your buzzfeed profile page is where you will receive the dofollow link. It’s located to the right of your name with a link symbol. You only get 1 link per profile so I suggest creating multiple profiles if you have more than 1 site.

Step 3 – Start posting listicles on a regular basis

At first, your profile has zero authority and won’t get indexed. You need to create a publishing schedule on Buzzfeed and stick to it. Every time you write a post, you send another deep link pointing back to your profile. The more post you create, the better. Of course, you should add lots of pictures and break up the text into smaller chunks.

Buzzfeed readers love list posts so that is 90% of the content I post there.

Step 4 – Share your profile and Posts on Facebook and Twitter

This helps Google index your posts and profile. Over time, your profile and posts should get indexed.

Need Help? Outsource This Task to Me

If you want to setup this up, then you can hire me to do it for you. Send me a message on our contact page to discuss further.

RepuSure Review: Best Online Reputation Management Software

In this review, you will learn why I recommend using Reputation.CA’s powerful online reputation management software called RepuSure. is a Toronto, Canada based company that offers software and managed services to help people and businesses improve their reputations on search engines, social media and review sites.

Managing your online reputation is extremely important in today’s age where all your personal background and history is a simple Google search away.

According to BrightLocalBrightLocal, “84% of people have Googled someone before having a business relationship with them”. According to BusinessInsider, the “ordering of search results influences people”.

You have to be very careful about your personal and business reputation on Google because many people will believe everything they read online, even if it is false. This means you can lose out on many opportunities just because the wrong information is attached to your name or company.

Unlike most other SERP tools, RepuSure tracks your Google results and shows you whether they are positive or negative.

To understand the power of this technology, I created an account and started a FREE TRIAL to see what shows up for my name and brand on Google.

It is simple and easy to create an account. You can login with your existing Google/Facebook account or create a brand new one using a username and password.

Creating a New Campaign

First off, you need to create a screenshots campaign to see exactly what shows up on Google.You have to do the following:

  • Enter a base term (your full name or company name)
  • Search Location (ex. United States)
  • State/Providence (ex. Maryland)
  • Search Engine (ex.

Click “Save” to save your search. Once finished, RepuSure starts working on building a screenshot campaign of your results. It may take around 20 seconds to load your results.

RepuSure displays 2 separate screenshots that show exactly how Google SERPS appear to individuals conducting your desired search. Here is an example below:


Track Your Search Results

Next, you can track the rankings of each results using the “Asset Ranking” tool to see how the SERPs change over time. This is a great feature because you’ll need to see how your link building and reputation management campaigns perform over time. What gets measured gets improved. Here is an example of the “Asset Tracking” feature:


If you want to be notified whenever your SERPs change, then you can set up email alerts to notify you. Also, I want to talk about maybe the most powerful feature of all, Suppression.

How to Suppress Bad Webpages from Google Search

Let’s say you do a search and find something that hurts your company brand. What should you do? In most cases, you’ll end up panicking and wishing the bad webpage would go away. Unfortunately, you will only get lucky if the website goes offline or the webmaster decides to shut down the website. Either way, you have no control over the situation.

On the other hand, RepuSure offers a helpful solution to the problem you are facing. All you need to do is enter your search terms and select the right search engine under the “Suppression” link.

Once the search results appear, then click the check mark box of each result that you want to be suppressed. Depending on how many results you checked, you will receive a monthly quote of the cost to remove these results from Google search.

Reputation.CA undergoes a comprehensive process to make you look great including:

  • Understanding your profile
  • Tracking your search results
  • Developing and executing a reputation management plan
  • Creating articles, social media profiles, and content that shines positively on you
  • Optimizing your own assets to rank higher on Google

If you are serious about improving your brand image and managing a healthy public profile, then I suggest you at least try RepuSure to see how others see you and your brand.

Final Verdict: RepuSure is a World Class Reputation Management Tool

I’ve been doing business online for 10+ years and have encountered dozens of business owners who desperately needed negative reviews & webpages hidden from Google results. Some of these business owners couldn’t sleep at night because they were losing thousands of dollars every day due to 1 or 2 bad reviews about their business.

The downside of the internet is that anyone can create a webpage and write horrible things about another business that took decades to build. These types of people usually suffer with many problems in their life so they take out their unhappiness and anger on innocent people.

You cannot fight these psychopaths alone. You need a powerful tool and trustworthy company to handle these guys. I highly recommend Reputation.CA as a useful reputation management company and will be using them in the future if I need certain reviews or pages suppressed in Google.

How to Get Started

To get started, visit Reputation.CA and click the red button”Start Your Free Trial“. You will be able to use their tool for free and utilize their Suppression service if you find anything negative online about your and/or your company.

TinyRanker Review: The Most Powerful SEO Rank Tracker

TinyRanker is a very popular SEO rank tracking tool that was created in 2008. I took a moment to speak with the team over at TinyRanker so I could get a better idea of how to properly use their service.

In this review, you will learn how to use TinyRanker to track your Google keywords for SEO and why I recommend it.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial account here. Simply fill out the form and you can access your account once you confirm an email.

Next, TinyRanker asks you to enter a domain name and Search Engine. I simply used “” for my URL and Google Search (United States) for my rank tracking results.

Then you have to add some keywords. In this review, I used the keyword “Create a Website like WorldStarHipHop” because it’s one of my top ranking keywords.

Inside the TinyRanker Dashboard

Once you enter your base keywords, you can choose from several options:

  • Site Overview
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Lists
  • URls
  • Google Analytics
  • and Competitors


TinyRanker shows a very nice layout of my current rank, Onpage score, URL, and estimated Google monthly searches. I like this feature because it saves them doing Google Keyword research, plus track my rankings at the same time.


It can be hard to keep track of all your URLs (and your clients), but I really like how TinyRanker organizes all your URLs in one easy section. This makes it easy to add and delete pages when your SEO goals change.

Google Analytics

TinyRanker can access your Google Analytics data to provide a more comprehensive SEO report. I’ve never seen this feature before and I’ve used dozens of SEO rank trackers in the past. Very nice feature.


This is the 2nd most powerful feature behind tracking your keywords. TinyRanker comes up with an automated list of potential competitors and lets you compare your rankings head to head. So far, I’m outranking a lot of big websites like BlackHatWorld and Freelancer. What normally would take hours to do manually is done in minutes with this handy feature.

Not only can you compare rankings, but Tinyranker shows you which keywords your competitors are using and where they rank. This is golden because you can literally steal your competition’s keyword list or add undiscovered keywords to your money pages.


After your 30 day trial, you will need to upgrade to a bigger plan. The trial plan only offers 50 keywords so upgrading is a nice bonus because you get 100 keywords with the starter package.

Starter Plan

I recommend the Starter Plan for most bloggers, small ecommerce stores, and other small web projects. 100 keywords is more than enough to tackle a small niche. If you track your web metrics closely, you will realize only a handful of keywords lead to lots of revenue anyway.

Basic Plan

This is a good choice if you are an advanced marketer and have multiple websites. If you own 5 sites, then you can track up to 100 keywords per site.

Expert Plan

This is TinyRanker’s most popular plan and offers you 1,000 keywords for only $79. I recommend this package if you own more than 5 websites, have clients, or rely on Adwords PPC for your lead generation. You can really test out A TON of keyword combinations to find which ones convert better then track your rankings until you show up #1.

Agency Plan

This is for SEO agencies only. 2,000 keywords is a ton so only sign up if you have lots of SEO clients.

Things I Like

Tinyranker offers a great product. They combine the features of tools like SerpBook, MOZ and SEMrush in one simple to use online platform. Here are some of the benefits I like:

  • Very fast loading site
  • Tracks keywords by URL
  • Shows how your competitors are ranking
  • Lists all your keywords in 1 simple format
  • Saves you time by revealing your competitor’s keywords
  • Very affordable for any serious internet marketer
  • Tracks mobile rankings
  • Create SEO keyword reports for your clients

Things I Don’t Like

So far, I don’t have many complaints. I’ve only been using the tool during my trial period so no complaints as of yet.

Final Verdict: I Recommend Tinyranker

I recommend Tinyranker for any blogger, small business owner, or SEO agency who wants to track their keywords and provide reporting on them. They give you a FREE 30 day trial to test out their platform (no credit card needed).

Try TinyRanker for 30 Days Free